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September 5, 2014

Cinematic Cuts Exploit How Your Brain Edits What You See

HOLLYWOOD, California—In his classic book on film editing, In the Blink of an Eye, Walter Murch writes about the violence of the cut. In an instant, everything you see onscreen is erased and replaced with something else. Often the scene jumps to another place or time. “Nothing in our day-to-day experience seems to prepare us for such a thing,” Murch writes. And yet, in movies this happens all the time, and we accept it without giving it a second thought.


May 2, 2014

Balota to receive 2014 faculty achievement awards

Balota, a member of the faculty here since 1985, is a cognitive psychologist known for his work on the critical role of attentional control systems in memory, language, and in age-related changes in cognition in healthy aging and in individuals who have developed (or are likely to develop) dementia of the Alzheimer’s type.

In collaboration with researchers at the Charles F. and Joanne Knight Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, his work has recently demonstrated sensitivity of attentional control measures to biomarkers that are accumulating in individuals before the onset of dementia.